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The Anuuma Brand includes: Anuuma Academy, Anuuma's Apothecary + Anuuma's Kitchen. Anuuma Academy is dedicated to educating women about herbal medicine and holistic sexual health. Anuuma Academy achieves this through holistic education, courses + group coaching programs. Anuuma Apothecary focuses on making and offering herbal medicine with a specialized focus on holistic sexual and reproductive health + pleasure. Anuuma's Kitchen is all about healing and thriving using plant based, whole foods. Its focus is on providing recipes, resources and courses on life changing lifestyle changes.  

Let's get started! First things first... what's our company all about?

1. INTENTIONAL PARTNERSHIP: Creating an environment where employees + contractors feel fulfilled, excited and inspired by the work that they do with and for us. 

2. HONESTY + TRUST: Employees who we can trust + an environment that inspires honest communication + helpful feedback. 

3. GROWTH FOR ALL: When the company grows, you grow. We believe in rewards for amazing contribution.

4. IMPACT + WORLD CHANGE: Our company is all about making an impact. We focus on helping people heal, holistically, on all of our platforms. Our mission is to help as many people (especially BIPOC). Intentional Growth is important to us.

5. DEDICATION TO EXCELLENCE: Anyone can be mediocre. We are dedicated to excellence. Excellence in Customer Service, Medicine & Products, Energy and everything we do. We want people who take pride in going the extra mile to provide an incredible experience to customers and non-customers. 

6. LONGEVITY: Here, we're about creating family. We'd love to have employees who desire to grow with us for the long haul.

7. DEDICATION: Those who are dedicated to the mission of helping women heal holistically, making our company better, and bettering themselves are truly those we seek. 

1. Customer Experience

Excited to dedicated your life to helping women learn and heal holistically? Excited to empower women to prioritize their pleasure and celebrate their pussies? That's what we're all about here. Sacred plant medicine, holistic education + sexual health. We focus on creating physical medicine, holistic education and plant based whole foods recipes for our three companies. We want active team players who know how to provide amazing customer service, don't settle for "good enough" and understand that the secret code is 77. We want you to be the professional hype wo/man/human/being, sacred sister, non-binary bestie or beautiful brother aka support system for our customers, clients and students. If you're excited about all things holistic healing, sexual health, womxn empowerment and the word pussy doesn't make you blush - we just might be the company for you. 

2. intentional growth


We are focused on helping as many women and vulva owners as possible. This means that every team member must contribute to our intentional growth. Anuuma is a spiritual being + runs her company as such. This means, we shy away from sleezy marketing tactics, instead choosing to focus on intentional community building and excellence.


For us to be the tight-knit family that we aspire to have as our company team - we have to be honest. This means always speaking the truth, offering intentional, honest feedback, accepting the feedback with grace and speaking up when things need to change for the betterment of the company.


If you are in a funk, let us know. Maybe it may be a good time to take the day off. We understand that everyone has off days. What we don't tolerate is our customers, clients and students being on the end of a bad day. If your energy isn't right - submit a request for a soul reset day! 


Just like Anuuma, our company is ever-evolving. This means that we are always growing. We will constantly implement changes, systems and procedures to make our company better. This means that in order to be a part of our team, you have to be flexible, a fast learner and open to flow.

Have something unique to offer:

‣ What makes you unique and perfect for this position? 
‣ What are your strengths when it comes to working? 
‣ What are your "weaknesses" when it comes to working?
‣ Honesty with us will make sure you have a position that perfectly fits you and celebrates your unique strengths! 
‣ Attention to detail is key. 


We move with the flow of nature. However, as a team we have collective timelines that need to be followed and met. If you're great at meeting strict deadlines - we may be the perfect fit! 

Think about who you truly are and what kind of work environment you'd thrive in. We just may be able to create that if you're clear on what your strengths and weaknesses are. 


Dedication to the company's success, to our student's success, to our client's success, to our customer's success, to the collective success, to YOUR success! IS. A. REQUIREMENT.

If you've made it through this entire page and you feel like we embody everything that you want in a career + you embody everything we require in an employee, the next step is yours to take. Click below to apply and begin your journey towards joining our family! We are super excited to see and review your application. 




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Encouraging, Self-Starter, Quick Learner, Dependable?

Client Success Specialist


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Social, Passionate about Holistic Sexual Health, Anuuma & Herbal Medicine? 

sacred social sales rep


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Dependable, Organized, Customer Oriented & Efficient? 

Awesomely amazing personal assistant


click through and read the requirements for the position you're applying for in full before applying.

5. process details

The steps: 

1. You apply.
2. We review.
3. If you're a great fit, we'll schedule your in person interview (we use Zoom)
4. If the interview goes well, we'll reach out for a second interview & job assessment.
5. If that is amazing, we extend an offer.  
6. Should you accept, you begin your onboarding and training.
7. You officially start.
8. You grow with us and help to impact hundreds and thousands of lives, daily! 

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