I'm a Medicine Woman and Clinical Herbalist that is dedicated to helping people heal (w)holistically. I focus on helping my clients and students heal utilizing a mind, body, spirit approach. 
I have helped thousands of women heal from sexual health related ailments and so much more. 
I don't take that accomplishment lightly. 
I am so passionate about sharing education, cultivating sacred community, healing and elevating and I hope you'll choose to experience that passion by joining me for one of the sacred offerings found on this site. 

I cannot wait to see you in class! 

i'm anuuma.

Hey Goddess!


A good ole cup


with my family through the streets of Los Angeles, while the sun sets. There is nothing like it. 

bike riding


Obviously, this is number one but I have to keep you on your toes, haha! 

MY Family


OMG, Cardamom is so sensual and seductive. The smell always makes me happy. 

the smell of cardamom


I always return back to myself after being out in nature. Even a few minutes shifts my entire energy and recharges me in a way that no herb ever could.

being out in nature 


I really love inviting people over for healing food, healing circles, conscious conversations, dancing and sacred ceremony. It's something I crave and wish I had more of. That will be changing soon as I'll be hosting you at the next retreat soon! 

hosting friends + loved ones


There is something so sacred about wild-harvesting. You have to truly listen to the plants, ask for permission and harvest at just the right time to ensure that all that you harvest is safe, potent and filled with love. 

Harvesting wild plant medicine


You never realize just how connected everything is until you slow down and pay attention to all the sacred geometry that resides within us/nature. A gentle reminder that everything is divinely created.

Sacred geometry 


I will always love formulating custom medicine for clients. I always learn something new. I am always inspired by all of your journey's and desire to heal naturally. I'll never stop working to create cures for every ailment out there! 

Making medicine for clients


If you didn't know, I graduated from Culinary School and was a chef before I became an Herbalist. Cooking and Baking will always be my first love. You can taste my delicious organic vegan treats here.

Cooking + Baking



things I love

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I have helped thousands of women heal from sexual health related ailments and so much more. I don't take this lightly. I am dedicated to helping as many women (and men and children) as possible. This is my life's purpose. My divine destiny.

I started changing my life and healing myself (ovarian cysts, chronic yeast + more) - then, i started helping others heal

When I began my "natural journey", it was more than cutting out chemicals, meat and dairy. It was about finding purpose. I realized in learning to heal myself with plants that there was a deeper meaning to it all. I developed a spiritual connection with the plants. They began to talk to me. That was just the beginning...


Certified Clinical Master Herbalist - Through multiple (over 4 intensive) courses, Ancestral Wisdom, Years of experience, Self teachings and daily experience. Specializing in Women’s Sexual Health + Children’s Healing. With many teachings under master herbalists, MDs + my Elders and Ancestors.

Alchemist - Self-educated. Currently continuing to deepen knowledge. So very passionate about the alchemical process, spagyrics + making our already potent medicine even MORE potent. Who knew it was possible?

Professional Chef Professionally trained - Specializing in Vegan Cuisine - with a Degree from the Art Institute.

Certified + Initiated Shaman - Under the Munay Ki Tradition + Ancestral Wisdom. Master of Shamanic Journeying, Healing Rituals + Sacred Plant Ceremonies.

Certified Usui Reiki Master - Specializing in Energy Work + Sound Healing Experiences - Attuned under the lineage of Dharmadevi from the Yogananda Institute. 

Certified Tantric Massage Practitioner - Specializing in Sacred Yoni Massage and Sacred Lingam Massage. 

Certified Master Tantra Practitioner - Specializing in Sacred Couples/Lovers. 

Certified Past Life Regression Therapist - Liberating you from past programming so that you can grow and free yourself.

Achology Certified Hypnotherapist - Specializing in Past Life Regression + Trauma Healing.

Certified Ayurveda Health Practitioner - Specializing in Healing and Balancing through diet and energy work. 

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher - Specializing in Deep, Healing, and Restorative Sessions for longevity and vitality. 

Certified Spiritual Counselor - Specializing in helping you re-member your divine purpose and releasing past programming.

Author, Educator, Creator of Anuuma Academy + more!

Some call me...

Dr. Anuuma. I am not a medical doctor or “professionally medically trained" per the US govt. or FDA’s standards, nor do I desire to be. Per the FDA I cannot diagnose, treat, prevent or “cure” any dis-ease. I am required to tell you this. I am, however an herbal (+ more) medicine doctor. I have dedicated my life to education, practice and deep extensive research so that I can continue to be a vehicle of healing for my people, specifically those of the Afrikan diaspora. I give thanks to all of our elders and ancestors who paved the way. Below, you will find some of my many credentials. Know that the greatest credentials of all are the results + my experience! Feel free to read the MANY MANY reviews on the various people whose lives I have changed through my medicine + work. This is my life’s work. My divine purpose. 

My Story

Spend my life with my best friend + middle - highschool (+beyond) sweetheart and make and raise brilliant babies with him.

Help 100,000 Women Heal Naturally

Open an (online) organic vegan bakery

Travel the world and learn how all about different cuisines and herbal medicines from each indigenous culture.

Launch Anuuma Academy + the Sacred Membership Community of my dreams! 

Make a difference in this world.

On My Bucket List...

My Timeline

where I've been


Another Sacred Surprise is launching.
Stay tuned. 


Something new is coming. 


Anuuma Academy Relaunch + My Spiritual Gym are released into the world. A match made in sacred heaven.


I learned, made mistakes and ultimately got clear on what I truly wanted, needed and desired in life. I made the decision to transition over to focusing on 1:1's and giving Anuuma Academy my all. 


I had my daughter and experienced a rebirth. Anuuma was born. I also started studying Traditional Alchemy.


I had my second son and experienced an intense spiritual initiation and awakening. I also healed the most severe case of eczema I've ever seen during this time.


I officially *started* my business.


I gave birth to my son and my world started to change






How I (subconsciously) manifested the life and family of my dreams. 


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The life you dream of is waiting for you. Are you ready to step into your calling? 

creating a dream

You deserve Peace, Love and Happiness. Don't settle for anything that isn't that. 

behind the scenes

You are a sacred being. Continue to act like such. Release all that is not you. 

grateful for all that is and all that isn't

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