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est. 2019

We help women reconnect to their natural selves using herbal medicine + holistic education. Learn about herbalism, sexual health, spirituality and more with our in-depth comprehensive programs, sacred membership & courses.

seeking wholeness, knowledge, pleasure, clarity, healing, empowerment and more.

for the Woman

Holistic Education & Sacred Community

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prioritizing our purpose. 

This is why they miss on on becoming the greatest Herbalist, Self, Healer they can be, because they do not connect all that is. I created Anuuma Academy because it's needed. Here, we combine mind, body and spirit to heal and elevate (w)holistically... and we do it while having fun, cultivating sacred community and we do it all while

Throughout my journey, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses, books and educational resources only to be let down by the content, delivery and results. I realized that a lot of people do not understand the connection between mind, body and spirit, between self and nature and that's why they miss out on their greatest transformation.

Herbalist, medicine woman, educator, spiritual counselor + more.

I'm Anuuma

with love, Anuuma 

"Is 1010 as I write this message and finish my contract with you universe. This lesson help me open up and release everything I want and deserve and I’m ready for my break through. I will continue to peruse my practice on being the best version of myself I can be as well as continue with my Devine purpose." 
- Dequeisha D 

Praise for anuuma academy!

with love, Anuuma 

"This was hard. I didn’t want to do this lesson. I started to write and think about who hurt, how they hurt, why they hurt me. As I wrote I began to turn within. I have been the common denominator . I have allowed it. And as I dug deeper. I realized this was a learned behavior. My mom silently taught me. How to be, how I am...... which has become a direct result of all that I have allowed. Hurt people hurt people. But you have to know when to stand and take control of YOUR LIFE. My life has shifted because I know I have a choice to accept or deny access to me, my love kindness. I choose to stand solid in me. Fuck that. I choose ME." 
- Leslie

"Fuck that.
I choose me."

with love, Anuuma 

"I appreciate Anuuma for this platform and everyone I have been on this journey with. Every day helped look at my life from different angles. From day one I asked for insight , and I have a clearer picture on what steps I have to take for my ultimate glow up. I know there are times when I won't be as motivated , I will come back to my notes and remember why I am on this journey....Love , Peace and Healing from Ireland❤" 
- Esnath

"I have a clearer picture on what steps i have to take for my ultimate glow up"

So much love here

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Holistic Education

I have dedicated my life to helping people heal. This is a one of a kind love offering that is guaranteed to transform your life if you simply open your heart and do the work. Thank you for sharing this sacred space with me.

the magic is real.